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Chicago Engagement at Humboldt Park


November 1, 2021

From undergraduates at college to long-distance thousands of miles apart, these two love birds have come together to celebrate them getting married with engagement photos at Humboldt Park in Chicago.

The Love Story

Phebe and Danny met their junior year of college and it was basically love at first sight. They continued dating through college and even endured a bit of long-distance. After being apart for a bit, they both settled in the windy city and have fallen in love. They originally weren’t planning on staying long, but since they’ve discovered their new found love for Chicago they are looking to buy a house soon!

Okay okay, now onto the real juicy details… the proposal! Eventually with a lot of couples they begin to discuss wedding ideas/plans and that’s exactly what happened with Phebe and Danny. They began looking into engagement rings, when Phebe decided to reach out to her Uncle. See, her Uncle is a miner, so he ended up mining, cutting & polishing a sapphire stone for Phebe to use for her engagement ring. Coolest uncle EVER! During the pandemic, Danny & Phebe spent a ton of time in Humboldt Park. So much so, that Danny decided that would be the PERFECT spot to propose to Phebe! Oh, and guess what? It was!

Chicago Engagement at Humboldt Park

Since Danny & Phebe got engaged at Humbolt Park, it was only natural to have their engagement photos taken there as well! Which by the way, I absolutely love it when my couples incorporate bits and pieces of them and their relationship for their engagement photos. It makes it much more unique to you and your partner and shows off both of your personalities, which we love. We walked around the park, just enjoying some of Phebe & Danny’s favorite spots. On this day the weather was beautiful and sunny, so of course we had to take as much opportunity of this golden glow moment. This entire engagement session was so beautiful. Phebe & Danny were naturals when it came to being in front of the camera. Phebe wore this incredibly beautiful white and black polka dot dress while Danny looked dapper in his button-up and blazer – these two were a perfect match!

Tip: Take your Engagement Photos w/ your Photographer!

I love that I was given the opportunity to capture this special time in their lives. Not only that, but I will also be capturing their wedding. One thing I always like to recommend is to take your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. The reason why, you may ask? For many, your wedding photos may be the first time you’ve ever gotten professional photos taken. This can be extremely intimidating to think about. It may even add to those wedding day jitters you may have! You want to make sure that you feel completely comfortable in front of your wedding photographer. That way you’re able to get photos back that look and feel like you both. One way to make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer is through an engagement session! You’re able to meet your photographer, see how they are to work with, see their style of shooting, etc. That way when it comes to your wedding day, you are basically BFF’s! It really does make the process of getting photos taken so much more fun, when you’re able to be yourselves.

Overall the day was a major success and I am absolutely obsessed with how their engagement photos turned out. Now everyone, a round of applause for Phebe + Danny! *claps*

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